Monday, October 24, 2011

Life In Kentucky

I have less time than I thought I would. We do keep busy but I also find that even when I have 'nothing' to do - there's always 'something' to do. Just not something I necessarily want to do. I don't have much free time for computer related things. Yes, I work on one all day long but SingSnap keeps me quite busy.

October's been a great month though and the fun isn't over yet! Halloween is this coming Monday and Chad, Haven and I got in the spirit on Friday night. We went to a Haunted Attraction called Talon Falls. Technically speaking there were three attractions; Talon Falls, Haunted Hayride and Dead End Doll House. I heard not so great reviews on the Hayride so in the spirit of saving cash, we elected to go to the other two. After a lengthy wait in line, only to enter the woods and wait in line some more - it ended up being WELL worth the wait.

We went through "Talon Falls" first which was a series of 3 or 4 different 'buildings' all connected in an assortment of 'paths' for a 30-minute non-stop scare fest. Honestly - it far surpassed my expectations. For the most part, the costumes, characters and actors were great and on spot. I wasn't expecting such a high level of professionalism for some random Halloween thing in the middle of nowhere in small town Kentucky but it was pretty fabulous. The props, staging, costumes, make-up, entire atmosphere - Top Notch. I was so relieved when it was done! I originally thought you lined up, went through one of these buildings, then got in line again., etc., But nope! It didn't stop. The fright kept going and going!

Next, we got into another rather short line for our final attraction. The Dead End Doll House. It was good, but not AS good in my opinion. Your mileage may vary. This was an expensive night at $28 a person but seriously - WELL worth the money.

We finally have the kids costumes all set. Well we've had Bren's for awhile. He is going as a Cowboy. Haven will be this bad ass Death Angel. Don't ask. She was stuck on either that or a Snow Leopard which proved to be next to impossible to find any pieces for. But it looks pretty nifty.

Immigration Report

I got tired of waiting for my SSN to arrive in the mail so Chad and I went to Mayfield on Thursday and applied in person. Apparently there was activity on my account but to ere on the side of caution - we entered everything again anyways. Hopefully it'll arrive shortly so I can open a bank account and stuff. I even plan on getting my license. Finally. After passing the written exam, I only have to wait 30 days to take the driven test and get the full license!

That's All For Now!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Roadtrip Re-Cap!

I Had Big Plans

My concept for the road trip was supposed to be spectacular but due to negligence and empty batteries, it never got captured. Also, it was a lot more boring than I had hoped lol! However, it is partially documented and I thought the best way to share it, would be with a video!

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