Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello November!

When Did You Get Here?

Is it just me or is life going by really quickly? I wouldn't mind time slowing down a bit so I can enjoy whatever is actually happening around me. =)

As I am sure you noticed, as the stores already have the merchandise out, Christmas is on it's way. It's stressing me out already. Money stresses me out. Or lack there of. Especially since there are now so many kids in my life. I was writing a whole bit about all the kids but I'll save that for later.

Halloween has come and gone and while the night wasn't as fun as I had hoped - it was still cool to be the adult in the scenario. The last time I had any major involvement in Halloween was when I was about 10. With the exception of handing out candy! It was neat! Here are the kids. Haven was a 'Death Angel' and Brenden - a cowboy!

Thrusday was Haven's birthday and today is her sleep over party! Should be interesting lol!

I've been reading a friends Journal and I think it's time for me to resurrect my own personal one. Not one about the family and "Chadella". Just about me. My thoughts, feelings, struggles. I miss me.

Until Next Time,