Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time Flies!

Time Is A-Flyin'!

Everything is getting closer and closer! I am torn between being excited, nervous, elated, sad, etc.,! It's hard to have so many conflicting emotions all at once. I'm so looking forward to a life with my husband, but I am nervous to get my hopes up in case something goes wrong during the interview. I am stoked to move to a new country but terribly sad to be leaving one I already love. So I basically focus on getting through one day at a time and trusting God to be in my corner =)

Just To Be Official
Chad's Renovating!
(before he moved in)During Renovations
(That's Denise, my father-in-law)

Still During Renovations

Still During Renovations

Next, he is putting some sort of drywall paste thing up and then we paint! Woo-Hoo! Bye Bye Ghastly Red! It's really nice to have SUCH a handy husband! =)

I've got to go to get some groceries, I am famished. Not looking forward to venturing out into the heat though!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Four Long Agonizing Months

I am very happy to announce that another hurdle has been successfully cleared *knock on wood*! Provided nothing goes seriously wrong between now and September 6, 2011 (the closing date).

I just got off the phone with my awesometastic, wonderful Realtor and friend Sarah who happily shared that the deal is 'firm'! My knuckles are sore from knocking on wood! ha!

Anyways - I should just about break-even once I pay Reatlor fees, lawyer fees and the penalty for breaking my mortgage which is more than I was hoping for - AND - provided immigration goes well (yes, here it comes) *knock on wood* - Will be perfect timing to move down to the US of A!

If immigration doesn't go well =( I'll at least have a few weeks to find a new place to live until I figure out what to do. But pray for me. And Chad. That we make it and God continues to rain down love on us and pull us through this incredibly difficult journey!

Not many of you know, but I did have another offer a couple of months ago. The woman was ridiculously greedy and I had a bad feeling about it from the get-go. After negotiations she ended up absolutely needing to move the closing date to like two weeks PRIOR to her original, as opposed to two weeks AFTER her original which I wanted. Anyways, then after the inspection the greedy cow wanted another $2,000 off and I told her to go away. I know I haven't been in my house for many years but I don't want some hag living here.

This one felt good from the start. I ended up lowering the price of the house and got an offer the very next day. They were reasonable, I was reasonable and the inspection went well! They accepted my closing date which was perfect. So the morale of the story - I Love God! I've been waiting my whole life for a man like Chad and while this has definitely been a difficult process - God has been there helping us every step of the way and things have thus far worked out for the best. *knock on wood* that they continue to do so!

So - Let's celebrate! My House Is SOLD!

Until Next Time!

Friday, July 8, 2011

One Month!

One month from today I will know if the good ole' US of A will allow me into their country!

*Knock On Wood*

Please pray, send good vibes and all that jazz!

Please God!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plans, Plans, Plans!

I'm Excited And Overwhelmed!

There's so much to do between now and then that it seems a bit exhausting! However, in the same breath, uber exciting. I have booked the hotels and have a basic idea of our agenda but for the most part, we'll just be wandering around while we wait for the important stuff!

I used to live in Toronto for eight years, so I am really happy to get an opportunity to visit again. This trip is proving to be very expensive but it's sort of like the honeymoon we never had, so I am just trying my best to make our visit fun and interesting. Obviously, I can't afford luxury so I am seeking out alternatives to make the experience at least memorable.

Chad is not a planner (I am) and I said, "Well we'll just end up wandering around aimlessly." His response? "Well, we'll be wandering around aimlessly together" ... Insert big "Awwwwwww"! Yeah, that was sweet. He's easy to please I think but that doesn't mean the pressure is off.

I really wanted to stay somewhere in downtown Toronto because I want to be able to freely explore the city without being stranded miles away from our hotel. BUT! Hotels in Toronto are expensive. Hotels in downtown Toronto? Yeah. Not Happenin'

Chad gets in around 9:00 PM on Friday night, so I've opted for a more affordable stay that evening at Stagewest in Mississauga. It's a dinner theater/hotel and while we won't have time to enjoy the theater, they seem really friendly.

Once I pick-up my medical stuff, Chanda is going to take me to the hotel where I'll chill/get ready for the arrival of my husband! They have complimentary/on demand shuttle service to the airport, which I've confirmed I can use to go greet him/pick him up/come back to the hotel, so it will work out well!

So while I am bummed we're not downtown for our first night - really, how much of the city do you think we'd see? hehe! It's been months since we've been together so I imagine we'll be occupied. !!! !!! !!!

Come Saturday, we'll head downtown early in the morning and check into "The Rex". It's a hotel that is located above a jazz bar. It's got pretty decent reviews and has recently been renovated! So for $120 a night, right down-town Toronto - you can't go wrong. I am talking MINUTES from Nathan Phillips Square and the Eaton Centre. Smack-Dab on Queen Street! I'm stoked. It's a small room, with a tiny little shower and no in-room telephone but hopefully it will suit our purpose well!

We can wander around the city, enjoy some late night jazz and just enjoy our time without feeling miles away from a shower/refreshment!

It will also mean, we're minutes away from the Train Station for when we venture to Montreal! Now you thought Toronto hotels were expensive? Montreal is right in there. Phew! I went from booking a stay in a hostel (which Chad wasn't thrilled about) to exploring one-star flea bag motels... to a middle of the road, centrally located acceptable accommodation. We'll be spending two night at the "Y Hotel" in Montreal. It's part of the YWCA (Yes, men are allowed). It's only $85 a night and the reviews are pretty decent and it looks clean! It's also really close to both the train station, the US consulate and a 15 minute ride from the airport. So I'm very pleased we were able to secure a room. I wasn't sure at first because I actually had to 'request accommodation' and wait a day for them to confirm whether or not they had any vacancies. Thankfully though, *knock on wood*, it worked out.

There's also a hostel style hotel called "Auberge", you can get information here. With all considered, it looks pretty good. I imagine we'll scope out St Catherine's Street on Sunday night, maybe meet up with a friend Charity ( YEAH??? Wanna Charity?!) depending what time she and her man get into the city. Then on Monday, after the interview... Because we're going to be happy and high on life because we got approved RIGHT!?!?!?!? *KNOCKS FERVENTLY ON WOOD!!!!* I'd like to hop on "Le Metro" and check out Old Montreal as I've never been to that part of the city before! Toronto I know like the back of my hand. Montreal? Should be interesting. And French. Very, very French! Oh Mon Dieu! Wish me luck!

Until Next Time!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Bookings Are Made - He's Coming With Me!

I have just booked all travel information for the immigration interview. It cost me a fortune :( but honestly, I just didn't want to do this alone. This journey has been very difficult on us both and I think it's really important we're both there, supporting one another through what is HOPEFULLY *knock on wood* the last step before being together for good.

As my friend just said; being together for this will truly be Priceless!

Our Plans are as follows;

Shannon & Chad's Itinerary:

Shannon's Arrival In Toronto
Tuesday August 2, 2011 - Halifax - Toronto: Via Air Canada
Depart: 6:55 AM
Arrive: 8:10 AM

- Shannon stays at friend Rice's house that evening.

Shannon's Medical: August 3, 2011 - Between 7 AM- 8 AM
Dr. Howard Seiden & Associates - Toronto

- Shannon Goes To Chanda's until Friday! (FUN TIMES!)

Shannon's Medical Pick-Up: August 5, 2011 - After 12:00 PM

- Shannon goes to Hotel and waits for...

Chad's Arrival In Toronto
Friday August 2, 2011 - Nashville - Toronto: Via Air Canada
Depart: 6:15 PM
Arrive: 9:05 PM

- Chad and Shannon stay at a hotel in Toronto (Rawr!)

Friend Reunion - Saturday August 6, 2011 - Destination Unknown

- Saturday Evening I hope to get together with some long lost friends to do dinner and all that jazz!
- Chad and Shannon either stay in a hotel or crash as a friends TBA!

Train Trip To Montreal
Sunday August 7, 2011 - Toronto - Montreal: Via Via Rail
Depart: 11:35 AM
Arrive: 5:17 PM

- Check into hotel (TBA)

Then - !!!Montreal Interview!!!! - Monday August 8, 8:00 AM!

Praying, hoping, dreaming, wishing - Everything goes well *KNOCK ON THE HARDEST WOOD I CAN FIND!* We head back to our respective residences, happy, content and only a few weeks away from being together forever! =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) !!!!

- We'll enjoy the sights of Montreal for one last night ... then...

Chad's Departure To Nashville:
TuesdayAugust 9, 2011 - Montreal - Toronto - Nashville : Via Air Canada
Depart Montreal: 2:00 PM
Arrive in Toronto: 3:15 PM

Depart Toronto: 4:45 PM
Arrive Nashville: 5:41 PM

Shannon's Departure To Halifax:
TuesdayAugust 9, 2011 - Montreal - Halifax : Via Porter Airlines
Depart: 4:40 PM
Arrive: 7:10 PM

Then, (again, *knock on wood* if everything goes well), we wait a few weeks for my Visa/Passport to arrive in the mail. Book U-Haul, Book Chad's one-way flight to Nova Scotia. Pack up my house and make the amazing journey "home" to Kentucky!

God Willing - Everything Goes Well. =)

Until Next Time!