Monday, August 30, 2010

I Do. I Think?

Erm. So yeah. Vows.

Traditional? Write Our Own? Just skip the formalities, make it as short as possible and say; "Do Ya? Yes... I Do!"

I have no idea.
What do you think?

Chad wants it short & sweet. He proclaims to writing the sweetest proposal ever (And I tend to agree!) and can't possibly be expected to top it with wedding vows! ha ha ha. I want the ceremony to be special and memorable (because afterall, it's my first and only time I'll ever go through something like this - right?) but as short as humanly possible. Seriously. Short, short, short.

Didn't think I'd mention his sweet as candy proposal and not share it did you? Silly.

The Proposal


I'm here before you with the only thing left i can give you.

It's not my love. You've had that from the first time I saw your perfect smile. It lit up the room and the look in your eyes made me feel like I was home, where I was always meant to be. Getting to really know you has been the most fulfilling experience I've had. I have found the other half of my heart thus making me feel complete. Therefore you've had my love.

It's not my heart. You've had that since I decided to let you come into my world. Making the decision to let myself go completely. No walls, no reservations. You completely had my heart when we met. I looked into your eyes, held you in my arms and kissed your lips.

It's not my soul. You've had that from the moment I took your hand in mine and our fingers interlocked with such a perfect fit that it seemed as though I was holding air. A sensation flowed through my body and filled me with such a peace that again, I knew I was complete.

It's not my passion. I've wanted you from the moment I first saw you. When our lips first touched and we kissed, tingles raced through my body and as I took in the air you exhaled, it brought new life and fire to an old tired soul. I felt relief and again, I felt complete.

It's not my life. Because honestly it began with you and I can't remember it before you or imagine it without you.

It's not my friendship. We've laughed, cried and talked for hours on end as though we've known each other forever and somehow we've been walking through life together only unable to see each others footsteps. Those steps that have led us to where we are now.

So Shannon, all I have left to give you is forever and my name...

Shannon, Will you marry me?

Hehe! In case you were wondering? I said YES!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Going To The Lighthouse And We're....

We're Back Online!

It was a long few days but Chad is finally back online. And with that the planning resumes! This will probably come as a bit of a shock to those who aren't part of our innercircle of friends - but - we're getting married next month!

"Going to the chap... Umm.. Going to the lighthouse and we're... gonna get married!"

Surprise! I'm not all that traditional so I am beyond pleased to surpass the ole' time traditions of churches, big crowds, fancy dinners and bridal parties. We've opted for a small, intimate - yet romantic - civil type ceremony at Lighthouse Landing Resort.

The romanticism behind the location is a desire to begin our lives together by blending both worlds. Nova Scotia is known for their lighthouses - so what better place to tie the knot than a lighthouse in Kentucky? Okay, I can't take any credit for this at all. It was 100% Chad's idea. He's the romantic one. He also wants to do it at sundown - oh so gorgeous. Pray for good weather!

I've made reservations at Lake Barkley Lodge for our wedding night but I'm having second thoughts. I've scoured every inch of the Internet for quaint Bed & Breakfasts', romantic cottages or a fancy lodges but haven't found anything I was truly happy with. I'm being picky. Some would say - a snob!

A lot of places are either too expensive (not worth the value), doesn't have the ambiance I am looking for (ugly decor - like thrift shop blankets) or has a minimum night requirement for booking.

So, I went with this joint. It looks really nice. Just - not romantic. Any suggestions on how to make the most of a honeymoon night that doesn't require too much time to implement and that is economical? We've got the candles, petals, music, wine, and such covered. I'm talking more about ambiance I suppose. So it doesn't feel like we're just in a hotel room. Any ideas?

So Yeah - If you read this? Comments would be cool (but sign your name). We want to share our journey with our friends and would love you input on stuff!

Right Now?
Chad's asleep.I'm watching.

Is that creepy? Or Sweet?

Until Next Time,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Hindrance Of A Virtual Romance

Long distance love is difficult enough. Throw in technical difficulties that renders one half of the couple without internet for three days and you've got some seriously unhappy times.

:( Excuse me while I pout.

Chad's internet connection has been lost in oblivion since Thursday morning and I am missing him terribly. Sure we still have the phone (thank-freakin-goodness) but I miss his gorgeous smiling face.

This. Just. Sucks.

It's supposed to be active sometime this evening.

Here's Hoping.

Until Next Time,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog De Chadella

Welcome to Our Blog!

Once upon a time lived a beautiful princess... Erm. Alright, this story is already so not believable - So, let's be real shall we!

Chad and I figured (Okay, more like I figured and Chad is humoring me) that it would be sweet, kinda cheesy but totally fun to have our own blog so that our friends and family can follow along with our journey over the next little while! We have quite the road ahead of us in order to be united 'for good' so why not have an outlet to share our highs, our lows and everywhere in between with those who we cherish most!

This is a lousy first entry, I know - but stay tuned for all the Chadella Goodness!

Signing Out,
Chad & Shan