Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I don't know who I think I'm surprising as I am pretty darn sure no one reads this blog and if they do - they're total freaky stalkers. Stop stalking me you loser! ha!

For reals - I'm back so soon! Naturally, I have absolutely nothing to comment on. Well actually I do! Halloween has happened, as has the Part 1 - Of Haven's Birthday!


Chad beat me up for Halloween. KIDDING! lol That's make up sillies. The plan was to scare the bajebus out of the trick or treaters. We decorated the yard, had scarey music and even bought a fog machine. But due to lousy weather, we had a grand total of 16 trick or treaters. Lame.

You can see the decorations by Clicking Here!

Haven's Sweet 16th Birthday was on Sunday! We had a family thing which pictures will follow when I upload them from my camera. This Friday she has invited friends from school (that's Part 2).

Okay truth be told - I'm not in the mood to write. But I remembered so I thought I would check in.

May The Force Be With You.