Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy Life!

- I Need A Routine -

If I ever expect to keep this blog alive, I need to settle into a routine because right now I just haven't got the time. Don't ask me what I do but it's not blogging :)

So we're getting pretty settled here. There's still stuff I want to do and the dinning room isn't how I want it, but here are some photos of our living room and bedroom. I think it's looking like 'home'. :)

Our living room. The plant, couch and funky chair is new. Everything else we already had. The bottom of the walls will still be painted a dark brown and during the winter the fire place (The hideous thing Chad covered with a cloth) will be exposed. We want to get either a new TV to mount to the wall or a new entertainment stand of some sort. And OF COURSE some art for that massive wall.

Any suggestions on how to decorate a huge blank wall? These ceilings are so high, my petty
artwork just looks stupid. ha ha!

The house has a strange layout, to say the least. This is looking into our bedroom from the kitchen. The bed was made by Chad's Dad and with the addition of my mattress equates me needing to stand on a step stool to get into it! ha ha! I love it!

This is standing back by the bed and looking at my chair, into the kitchen. That's pretty much my spot. Chad sits at the desk in front of the TV and I get all comfy over there. Which is awesome because I love that chair and it's had next to no use in over two years that I've owned it, so it's nice it's getting some love!

This final view is looking into our bedroom from the living room. It's an old farmhouse and I am pretty sure this used to be the living room but an addition was added - or something. I'll get some photos of the kids rooms and the dinning room once it's situated. Also, my office when my new computer and office chair arrives and I get this place cleaned up.

Chad has the garage turned into a 'man cave' so he can escape us! lol I hide in my office and sing when I need a break. It's still going to take me awhile to adjust to everything down here. I knew it would be difficult but I thought I would have more patience than I have. I'm just not used to all the noise and whining and all that other fun stuff kids and animals bring about - but - I wouldn't trade it for anything so that speaks volumes!

One Year Together

On my last blog, I mentioned my Anniversary! What an absolutely amazing day it turned out to be. I haven't uploaded any photos yet but I'll tell you what we did.

First we drove out and checked into Lake Barkley Lodge Resort. It was FREE! So it was worth the
price but I am glad it didn't work out for us to stay there for our honey moon. It just wasn't nearly as nice as the photos suggested, lights flickered, Air conditioning didn't work (called Maintenance, no worries) and it was just small and cramped. lol But it served the purpose and did I mention it was FREE?

Once we checked in, we headed to Clarksville, TN where we indulged in some wine tasting at a winery. Then, Chad decided Nashville was our destination. We ended up on the General Jackson Dinner Boat. It was a really great experience. Good food, nice people, fab music and gorgeous scenery when we went through downtown Nashville!

We got back to the lodge and made it a night to remember! It was just a beautiful and spontaneous day and I fell even more in love with my husband. It's nice when we get alone time. Smiles. Shared glances. Lingering touches. It's what marriage is all about in my opinion.

In The Pipe-Line!

Well it's Friday and tomorrow we've been invited to my Father-In-Laws for a 'Fish Fry'! ha ha! So southern. They stopped by yesterday and asked if I liked Fish - I'm like... Hello? Nova Scotian! I didn't say that, I just enthusiastically agreed. ha ha! I'll have my office chair tonight and Gold Willing my computer will arrive today so I'll likely spend some of tonight getting my office organized.

And of course - SLEEPING in. I can't wait to sleep in. This getting up at 5:00/6:00 AM thing is getting really old :)

Oh, I almost forgot - my Green Card arrived on my anniversary! Still no SSN, so next week Chad is going to have to take me into Mayfield to get one so I can get a bank account and get my stuff transferred over to American.

K, Until Next Time - From Kentucky USA!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Where Am I? Oh Yeah - Home!

I Made It!

It has been a very long time since I've posted. I've been meaning to time and time again but just haven't had the time. One thing about living with a man and kids is - life is busy! I don't have much time at the moment, just taking a break from work but I thought I would post a quick update!

I'm not sure why but the American's let me into their country :) Crossing the border was actually painless as the guards were super nice. I'm not even sure they bothered looking into the U-Haul! The drive down went pretty well. Patches was a super star and Chad did an awesome job of bringing us home :)

We got to stay a night at my Dad's in Maine which was awesome. Such a lovely spot they have and it just warms my heart to see everyone so happy.

Once I got here, I did A LOT of cleaning, unpacking and adjusting. The unpacking is done though somethings I need to get more organized. We bought some new stuff (don't ask about my credit card bill) and Chad and his Dad have been doing a lot of work.

I love the area and while the house needs some work, it's totally grown on me and this place felt like home almost straight away. I still miss Nova Scotia and the quietness sometimes but I definitely prefer my new life.

Patches is adjusting well though sometimes I wonder if she liked it better back home. It makes me feel guilty. She had the run of the house when it was just her and I. Now, she's only allowed on the old chair in the office. And I dunno. I guess I don't like her feeling ignored. But I just don't have as much time to snuggle as I did before. However, she now has a huge property that she gets to go out on, a new little friend who though I am sure annoys her, also brings out the playful side of her :) His name is Shadow and he's a little brown lab pup!

My nephew was born on - get this - my birthday! I wish I could have been there :( I have no working phone so I haven't called them since the birth. I had a great Birthday. Chad spoiled me and bought me a kindle and then took me out for Hibachi. Very Cool.

Tomorrow is our one year Anniversary and we're going to Lake Barkley for the night! Sometimes things are tough but I love my husband and I love my new life! I am working full time for SingSnap and it's a dream come true! I am still finding my bearings but what a fabulous feeling to wake up and love going to work :)

Speaking of which, I got to get back to it!

I'll update again with some pics and stuff when I get some more time. Things need to settle eventually.... right?

Until Then!
Shannon - from the USA!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh. Em. Gee!

It's getting close. Very Very Close!

I am a closet pessimist. I don't necessarily live my life expressing how I think everything is going to go wrong, but I am always fearful - especially with this entire immigration/moving process - that some force beyond my control (or perhaps even within it caused by an oversight) is going to mess everything up. I guess it seems like my dreams are coming true and I'm just waiting for someone to say "The jokes on you sucker. Don't be silly, you don't get what you want." I think this fear keeps me from getting 'excited' or showing a substantial amount of happiness because surely something is going to rain on my parade. Right? Wrong.

I guess it comes down to having Faith in God, that he's always been watching out for me and that patience truly is a virtue. I am happy to report - I am getting excited!!!!!!!!! I just got off the phone with U-Haul (I was worried I wouldn't get a truck for some reason and they could never reassure me to my liking on the phone) and the operator confirmed that I would definitely get one. There are plenty in the area and has already sent my information to the area in which I'll need to pick it up! w00t! Between 9-10 AM at 460 Windmill Road!

I know I have done everything I knew to do and am doing the best I can. I just need to put faith back into Gods hands and trust everything is going to work out. I have all the necessary paperwork for crossing the border, I have my inventory list, I am nearly completely packed with plans in place for the last couple days. I have Patches' travel bag packed, mine and Chad's in the works - so now it's just a matter of more patience and time! If something happens, I know I am prepared to deal with it. But *knock on wood* everything goes according to plan!

Chad arrives in TWO days and we are set to depart in FOUR! It's absolutely insane - I just can't believe it!

In case this is my last opportunity to blog from Nova Scotia...

Farewell To Nova Scotia!

To say this is bittersweet is definitely the understatement of the year. Canada - Nova Scotia specifically - will always be my home. I never realized how much I loved this province until I left it and moved to Toronto for eight years.

The roots, the history, the family name will always be from here - even if we're all spread out over North America. I know I'll be back to visit my brother, his family and my extended family and I'll never, ever forget where I came from. It's made me who I am and I am very proud of that. The east coast, will forever hold a very special place in my heart.

On that note, I leave you with a song.
Farewell Nova Scotia

Until Next Time!