Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

The Clock Is Ticking!

Phew! It's been busy and the clock is relentless! In just 13 days Chad will arrive and in a mere 15 days we will begin our trip down south - otherwise known as 'home' !!!

Packing is coming along. I feel like I haven't done much but there really isn't much left. The top floor is packed with the exception of necessary bath products, sheets, and lamp. I've got all the boxes in the spare room and are bringing them down to the main floor periodically.

Everything on the main floor is packed with the exception of three plates, silverware and glasses (which I intend to pack today). Patches bowls are still out and a few odds and end that will go into one box with the final dishes. Oh and of course cleaning supplies but I need those.

Everything in the basement is packed except office stuff. Finished the laundry room last night. Today, I intend to tie up some lose ends, re-organize some things and then I'll really have to dig in and start cleaning!

I am most nervous about the U-Haul, like something is going to mess up with my reservation. I've never had trouble with them but I've heard some horror stories. I've had the reservation for over a month now so hopefully all goes well *knock on wood*. I've got a local number here that someone at head office gave me to call and check on fleet availability in the area. Here's hoping all goes according to plan!

That's all for now!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Moment To Breath

The past few weeks have been quite a bit on the hectic side - to say the least. (the very least) As you may have gathered from my previous post, I got approved!

Nearly 10 months since we commenced this process - it's finally over! Well nearly over. I still need to cross the border and then down the road get the conditions removed but the largest obstacle has been overcome and to say I am relieved is the understatement of the century.

The last several months especially, have been difficult. Incredibly difficult. Marriage is hard enough - put a few thousand miles and all this stress on top of it and it's amazing anyone is able to survive it. While I am thankful to have found my husband, I definitely do not recommend the entire online-love thing. Keep it local if you can! ha ha!


I arrived in Toronto last week and started the trip meeting up with my friend Cheryl and her adorable baby boy Kenan. That evening I spent with my friend Rice and crashed on her couch before getting up before the chickens the next morning to attend my medical.

The Medical

It was pouring down rain and not even light out when I arrived (at a mere 6:35 am) and I was still fourth in line. The first step was the administrative section. The secretary reviewed my paperwork, took my payment and sent me to a waiting area. I never even made it to my seat when I was called in for an X-Ray. That was probably the most unpleasant experience of the entire trip because the X-Ray technician seems to be an incredible anxious individual and just created unnecessary stress.

Once that was done, I returned to the waiting room until I was called to get my blood taken. The girl who did this was very nice and also doubled as the clinics receptionist. Again, I was sent back into the waiting room until I was called into the doctors office where my blood pressure (Normal), Height, Weight (Ugh) was taken. Then I was told to strip down and gown-up as I awaited the actual doctor.

He was nice enough. He came in and sat down and we reviewed the vaccinations which were all set. He asked a few medical health questions and then moved on to an abdominal examination, reviewed my breathing and said all was in order. Then he sent in a female nurse to do a breast exam and take a glimpse down 'south'. At the end, it was about a 2 hour ordeal which moved very efficiently and was relatively painless.


Once complete, I made my way to Union Station were I eventually boarded a train en route to Brantford and spent a couple days at my friend Chanda's. Friday afternoon she drove me to pick-up the results and then dropped me off at the hotel as I awaited the arrival of my husband!

Chad's Arrival

I tell you, everytime I see Chad come out of the doors at the airport I am always amazed that he looks different than I remember. ha ha! We went back to the hotel that night and spent an agonizing night on an uncomfortable bed in a room that fluctuated between boiling hot and freezing cold. However, it was definitely a good reunion! =)

Downtown Toronto

The next day we made our way downtown Toronto and checked into our hotel there. After a very hot and sweaty tour around the Skydone and CN Tower we happened upon the Hippo Tour and opted to view the city on wheels - which eventually took us into the water! It was a really nice experience.

That night, after we freshened up, we ventured to Milestones where we good food and great conversation with a few of my friends from University. This was a definitely highlight of the trip!


The next morning found us on a train to Montreal. A full train. Where the only seats side by side were in the section where the seats faced one another. Yeah. Shitty. Not a fun ride but we made it and eventually got to our hotel in Montreal.

Dinner that night at Thursdays proved to be a decent experience and then we buckled down for a very early morning. That's right - the interview!

The Interview

Our interview was set for 8:00 AM but since it too, was a first-come, first-serve scenario we were in line by 7:00 AM and still had several people in front of us. I got an opportunity to meet "Charity" a girl I met on the Visajourney website! She is such a lovely lady and I wish her and her man the very best of luck!

Once inside and upstairs we got a number and waited. Our lucky number was C10. Linda, who I mentioned earlier - was first in line - and she was out in probably just under 2.5 hours. My wait was longer. Much longer. ha ha

I was really surprised how this entire thing was set-up. Everything was done at a window, as though they were high security bank tellers. The first time we were called up we had to supply them with my birth certificate, photos, police clearance and such. I had to complete some form and before I even had a chance to fully finish that, we were called up a second time to hand in our Affadavit of Support papers, along with divorce decrees, death certificates and such.

Then we waited. And waited. And Waited. It seemed after they took the first two into the booths for the actual 'interview', they stopped. Eventually they started up again and when our number was called I was a bundle of nerves. Chad finally had a smile on his face and I just couldn't believe all the work I've done over the past few months was about to be put to the test.

As I mentioned earlier, these booths had glass between the immigration officer and myself and with my hearing problem - I had a really, really difficult time hearing them. It made me really uncomfortable and embarrassed. I did okay for the most part but sometimes I just couldn't hear and had to ask them to repeat themselves.

The lady who did our interview was just wonderful. She calmed my fears almost instantly and was very relaxed. She reviewed the papers briefly and then commenced the interview portion. Now, Ive read and researched until I was blue in the face and have heard some horror stories about the questions they asked but really had no idea what to expect.

First, she asked how we met. I told her on an online Karaoke website. She asked to explain how that all worked so I did. Then she asked how we first came into contact and then about the songs we sang, or I noticed him sing. And that was it.

Yep. "Approved"

I honestly couldn't believe it. Apparently she told me and then slid the paper through the glass. But I didn't hear it, or if I did I was in such shock I couldn't believe it. I looked at the paper and then back to her and I think she said it again or that's just went it finally sunk in. I started crying. I think I hugged Chad, I can't even remember. I just know I was shaking from the inside out.

I can't tell you... I can't possibly put into words... the amount of stress I've felt about this entire ordeal. Everything. Absolutely everything was on my shoulders. If something went wrong - it was my fault. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Any information I had I got from visa journey or some other online source or by phoning and asking questions at the NVC. I really had no clue if I did anything right, let alone everything.

So the relief I felt. The absolute and utter joy. The pride. I was so proud of myself. It was a huge accomplishment. That I could actually take credit for because it turned out so well. lol So yeah, I had a silent 'pat myself on the back' moment because I somehow managed to make this dream come true =)

Celebratory Dinner

Our planes weren't scheduled to return to our respective homes until the next day so that night we went out to celebrate. We went to Dundees on Cres/St Catherine's and had a nice meal. Chad had some really tasty ribs and I had some so-so seafood pasta. I attempted to have a few tasty cocktails but the mixologist at this place was brutal so I eventually just settled on a beer.

The Good-Bye

It wasn't AS bad as it has been in the past. Whether it's because I was so bloody tired I just wanted to go home or because I knew that in a few short weeks we would be together for good... I shed a few tears as I stood and watched Chad board the plane. I sobbed a little in the bathroom. Then I went and found my gate and waited an excruciating 2.5 hours until I was able to board and come home.

My Pooch

I finally made it back and was greeted by my oh-so-loveable pooch who I missed terribly. I love my dog. lol

And Now

It's just a matter of time. I'm packing, working and waiting. Oh, I gave my notice at work and also already received my visa and package in the mail! So literally, 3 weeks and a day and Chad will be here ... then it's homeward bound to Kentucky.

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back In Nova Scotia!

I'm Home and Relieved!

You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I'll let this one speak for itself.


Until Next Time,

Monday, August 1, 2011

One Week!

Oh My Nerves!

I don't even know where to begin. I leave for Toronto tomorrow. Flying makes me nervous simply because I'm a big girl and it's just an uncomfortable experience. Then I have my medical on Wednesday. I'm terrified I have some unknown disease or they won't let me into the USA because of my weight. Then, I'm also worried I didn't get the right vaccinations or something else will go horribly wrong with that.

However, on Friday I get to see my husband again and I can't even think about that without crying tears of joy and relief. This journey has been so incredibly long and challenging - and we're so close to the end and I Pray pray pray that everything goes right and we can just be together once and for all. *knock on wood*

Of course, one week from today is my interview. I may even know, one one week's time, whether I have been approved or not. God, how I will survive this next week is beyond me. I will be a nervous wreck come next Monday morning.

But I am digging deep down inside and putting my faith in God and being positive and hopeful that my dream is going to come true. That everything I've worked for over this past year will be worth it and work out in the end. With tears running down my cheeks, I dream of a life with my husband and getting my Happily Ever After. Please God. Please.

In other news: My house is looking bare. While I am absolutely praying with every fibre of my being that this immigration thing works out in my favor (lol *knock on wood*) I will still be moving at the end of the month regardless - so packing has begun. The main level with done, with the exception of dishes and such from the Kitchen.

I'll finish everything else when I return from my trip. Anyways, I spent the weekend with my family at a wedding and then the Big Ex in Bridgewater and in doing so, over-exposed myself to too much Sun. So today, I'm not feeling great. Which sucks because I have an endless list of things to do!

Which means, I've got to go do them!
Until Next Time!