Friday, April 26, 2013

So Clearly I Failed

In my attempt to blog every day and make it seem special. I forgot yesterday and I think I even had something to write about but I can't remember what that was! Real special huh?

That's my latest obsession. I like to read. Correction - LOVE to read. I finished two books of the same series last week and was browsing my best friend (My Kindle) looking for something new. This book was on the Top 100 for under $3.99 list. It was also noted that it was from Oprah's Book Club. Naturally, I was inclined to read the sample and I've been hooked ever since.

I used to call myself a writer. I sometimes think I could still be one. And if I were, THIS is the type of book I would want to write. Funny, sarcastic, and a little - no okay, a lottle - crazy! The main character Dolores is so complex and confusing and at one point so damn annoying that you can't help but root her on. I'm not finished yet though, so I'll refrain from reviewing the book.

Maybe that's what I'll do. Start a new blog and join the millions of others who think their opinions are important. I'll write Book Reviews.

Yeah. Probably not.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Wish I Was Rich

 Obviously having an abundance of money would make a lot of things in life more simple (and perhaps more complicated too) but there are times I really wish I had a big bank account.

Something I really enjoy (I mean REALLY enjoy) is decorating, renovating and designing. Mind you, I've never actually done any of that in any major capacity but I find the idea absolutely fascinating. I am sure if I ever did take on a big project I would be quickly overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin.

But - it's still a fantasy of mine someday to have a house and an unlimited budget to decorate it as I see fit. What brought this to mind?

I've been following a blog of a friend of mine from University. Her name is Taylor and she is a Realtor. Her blog (Fresh Coat Of Paint) is about all things Real Estate, Decorating and Whatever else pops into her head. Lately, she is in the process of moving into her new home. She has recently sold her condo and posted some Before and After photos.

Woah! While I don't necessarily share her same taste in decor - she definitely has a fabulous eye! Everything she does looks so expensive! She mixes really unique and interesting pieces that I wouldn't even THINK to pair together.

Here's a sample. This was her dinning room BEFORE.

 Pretty typical Toronto Condo from what I've seen. Got to love those Parquet Floors (Cringe)

And - After!

First and foremost - straight out of a magazine eh? Sure, a professional photographer helps but you can't deny this style. A church pew. I mean really? Who would have thought a gosh dang church pew would make such a statement?

Then pair a rustic (and gorgeous) table with a cow hide rud and metallic chairs?! Throw in a classic white side board, respectable art and a fabulous light (Oh and killer curtains bunched at the floor) and you've got a stunning room. Eclectic. And it works so well.

Still? Not My Favorite!

As amazing as that room is, it's still not my favorite. I love the living room. Probably because I love red as an accent color. But before I ramble on: here's the Before! 

 And drum roll please... The After!


I mean, shut-up. Simplistic in the sense that there isn't a lot of furniture but each piece is so captivatingly interesting. Directors chairs, a furry blood red rug, vintage sofa, fabulous art - unique accessories = totally fabulous. I could never be comfortable in a room like this just because well - those chairs would never fit my big ass and I like to be consumed by furniture, not consume it. Too much glass = too many prints but I still absolutely love it.

 It makes me wish (very badly) that I was able to own my own home again and create my own art. I think my personal taste is more modern with a touch of rustic. Dark wood, metal art, big vases, clean lines. Comfortable and cozy but still stylish.

 Maybe some day. In the mean time, I am just going to live vicariously through Taylor's Blog. Before you leave the computer to return to your normal life, check out the rest of her Condo Pics. You won't regret it!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

House Flies Are So Annoying!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Here let me land on your leg and your arm and your head and when you swat me away I am going to come back for more, more, more!

I realize most things are part of a larger eco system but really, what use does a house fly serve that couldn't be handled by some other, less air-borne bug.

Life has been pretty routine lately. I spend my time between family, work, reality-tv and a few trips to the gym a week. I am into the Water Aerobics here lately. It makes working out fun =) Not to mention super refreshing on a hot day.

I'm fairly confident that 0% of the population reads this blog. But that's okay, I never have anything interesting to say anyway. I always envy those people who consider themselves "Bloggers". I wonder how they find the time but more importantly, the motivation. And is their life really that exciting or do they just have an incredible ability to make the most normal day seem special?

I am going to try - for the next three days. To make every day seem special. Or productive. Or something. Wish me luck. I'll need it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Skipped Spring.

A few weeks ago I pondered when Spring would arrive. Apparently it decided to take a vacation and Summer swept in early. If this really is how Spring is going to feel, I have an inkling suspicion Summer is going to be hell on earth.

For the record - I'm not complaining. My friends and family to the north are still dealing with snow. While I miss Canada tremendously - snow? I don't miss one itsty bitsy teeny tiny little bit. Nope. Sure don't.

We had a nice family day on Saturday. I was going to take Brenden to a playground to play, enjoy some time outside. He came out to the car and told me Haven was coming. Next thing I knew, Chad trotted along behind her. It's moments like that, that being a Step-Mom and Wife feel great =)

We went to the playground, toured around town, did some grocery shopping and came home. I can't recollect what we did for the rest of the weekend but the beautiful sights and warm weather was definitely the highlight.

I absolutely love these trees they have down here. They bloom these gorgeous flowers before the leaves come out. They come in various shades of white, pink, red and purple!

I wish we had one in our yard but the neighbours will have to suffice. Speaking of which - we finally met one of our neighbours! Chad was pulling out of the driveway the other night and seen a lady cutting down some broken tree limbs with a hand saw. Being the southern gentleman that he is, he offered to cut it for her with his chainsaw when he got back from the store. She had said she wanted to come by but didn't have anything to bring (ha - too cute). Anyways, she welcomed us to the neighbourhood and was very sweet and polite.

The next day she knocks on the door with a gift in hand both to thank Chad and to officially welcome us! How absolutely awesome was that? I thought this shit only happened in the movies? It is absolutely delicious. Naturally Chad didn't want to share but he didn't have much of a choice. ;) The base was chocolate too. Yum. I need to try the whole baking thing again. I actually enjoy baking but I haven't practiced much yet. Chad bought me a mixer for Christmas so I reckon I should put it to good use, EH?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello Spring!

After a winter that never seemed to want to end, I am welcoming some nice weather with open arms. Though, I must give a shout out to my fellow Canadians who are suffering through a snow storm. In April. Seriously? Yeah, I don't miss the snow.

Before I carry on, I'll give a shout out to Chanda. Her Blog inspired me to write again, so be sure to check it out! Chanda's Blog!

I last wrote in February and holy smokes a lot has changed since then. Okay, not a tremendous amount but we did move! After years of struggling and all that, we were finally in a position to move into a nicer home. Though, considering the amount of tax money I now owe, I wish we had waited until the Fall. ha. Ouch.

Seriously, I love my job. I am truly blessed to have it but I was a fish out of water when it came to what I had to do for taxes and such. According to the USA I am self-employed and with that comes a hell of a lot of taxes! I will know better for next year - that's for damn sure. The only thing that makes me nervous is that I am still a temporary resident and have an interview some time this fall. The very last thing I want to do is owe the IRS money so I need to pay that off ASAP. I did have money saved, I just didn't realize how MUCH I would need! Oy Vey.

In other news, okay I don't really have any other news. ha. So I'll just tell you more about the house and my relationship/family. I am really proud of Chad. Like really proud. I know I probably don't tell him as often as I should but he's done a 180 since the Fall. While we still have our moments, I think as a unit we're stronger than ever.

I am going to share a personal story now. I waiver about sharing personal stuff online do some things that occurred in the past but this really is a testament and shows not only growth as individuals but growth as a family unit.

The story may not mean much to anyone reading it, or maybe it actually will resonate - I don't know. One of my struggles in this new life has been that I am financially responsible. I pay my bills first, have fun second. I also consider myself empathetic to people and try my best to be a better person every day. I suck sometimes. I mess up. I can be a total bitch on wheels. But I do feel I have a good grasp on who I want to be and definitely who I do NOT want to be. So I tend to preach. It's up to the individual if they listen to me or not. I like to call myself Dr Phillete.

Haven - my step daughter, has had a bumpy life. Both her and Chad have had to overcome obstacles I would not wish on anyone. She is incredibly intelligent, talented and creative but she has some deep seeded emotional scars and she doesn't necessarily have the emotional maturity that she should. With that said, she has come light years in the past year and a half. She was having a moment a couple weeks back while she was out to town with her Dad. When they got back, he was irritated and asked me to talk to her. Naturally, I had no idea what to say but I went to her room and began doing what I do best. Ramble.

Here's the good part of the story. Chad comes into the room. First he apologizes to Haven for getting upset with her and explained his feelings (Wow! Go Dad!) Then Haven apologized back for behaving the way she did, etc., Here's the big one. He not only validated her feelings but told her she got it honestly (From him) but that he has come a long way in the last few months and (I quote) "It's because of that woman sitting right there, so you ought to listen to her. She knows what she's talking about."

Stop my heart and call me dead! Needless to say I looked down into the pillow to hold back the tears. That moment just ... it made everything worth it. As a wife, a mother, a friend. It just made me feel like I actually matter and make a difference in these people's lives. What an incredible feeling.

We have come a long way and we now, as a unit, make better decisions. Bills get paid first (mostly lol) and we're doing better. That's why were were able to provide a nicer, newer home for our family. All because Chad believed in me and I never gave up. I accepted him family as my own and together we strive to always excel - as a unit. It's a good feeling :) He is patient with me and has shown me love in ways I never imagined I'd receive. Life is Good.

Here's some pics of the kids bedrooms!  Haven has a new lamp that looks totally cool in her room. I just haven't gotten a good photo of it yet.