Monday, January 31, 2011

When I Was 15 Or So...

I got kicked out of Shopper's Drug Mart For Shoplifting!

It was just a 6 months "suspension" for lack of better word. Worst thing though, I was innocent! (Just like everyone in Shawshank) - But seriously, I was. I opened a package of foundation to test the shade because they had no bloody testers! Then those bastards tried to arrest me. I don't even know how old I was but I assume around 15 since I was looking to buy make-up.

I remember being so upset and they escorted me to the laundry mat to get my father. We offered to pay for it but they refused. Buncha jerks. Anyways, I hope that's not on my record anywhere because I just got back from sending in the forms to get my police clearance for immigration! ha ha ha!

Many hours and $50 later - I'm home. I decided to trek over to Halifax to get it because I was more familiar with the bus route. Ended up being a day adventure! When I spoke to a woman on the phone last week they told me they could send it out to me but nope - now I'll have to go BACK over in a couple weeks to pick the shit up. *sigh*

But yay - one tiny step closer! Now I've got everything I need I believe - just waiting on immigration to give us our NOA2 and advance us onto the next page. God Willing!

Until Next Time,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Four Months Have Come and Gone!

Four Months And Counting!

Earlier this week Chad and I celebrated our four month wedding anniversary. Not sure we did much in the way of 'celebrating' but it was acknowledged. ha ha! Life's been busy, yet still the same for us both.

Chad's had a tough go with work lately (not much happening so he's been without), so he's being working his butt off at side jobs to make up for loss wages. Both of my jobs keep me busier than ever and I just always feel behind. It's hard to balance everything but in the end, I know it will be worth it.

I've also had a lot of headaches from staring at this bloody computer for so long. Last weekend I went and got my eyes checked. I didn't think my eyesight was great but I didn't realize it was as bad as it is. My glasses should arrive any time now within the next seven days.

I'm starting the process of putting my house up for sale and I don't mind telling you, it's almost too much stress to bare. I have no idea where I'm going to come up with the money to do all this. =( Immigration, selling my house, traveling, moving, shipping, etc., I'd get a third job but I don't know when I'd have the time. I just want this all to be over so bad.

Immigration Report: Same. We're still waiting on approval of our application. We should hear back by May 3rd and then we move on to the next step - but when working with the government, ya just never know.

One thing that I do know, regardless of how poor I am right now - I NEED to see my husband. I miss him so much, it's killing me. I'm sitting here with tears dripping down my face just thinking about it. Everything is so difficult and to have to do it alone seems so unfair =( I'll pay my dues but I sure hope God is on my side and makes this thing happen for us.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Heart!

Feeling Pretty Great!

This past week has been really good. Not saying anything in particular happened, I've just been feeling optimistic. I want to thank everyone who reads and takes time to comment - it feels nice to know we have people rooting for us in our corner =)

My Poor Babe. He's was in so much pain from a bad wisdom tooth yesterday. He finally caved and got it pulled so I hope the tooth pain subsides for awhile.

Our Latest Addition!

Damages: Bright and sharp law school graduate Ellen Parsons becomes the protégée of the successful and hard-hitting high stakes litigator Patricia Hewes. But nothing is what it seems.

We started watching this about a week ago and have been hooked ever since. We're finished with Season 1 and embarked on Season 1 last night. If you haven't seen this show yet - we definitely recommend it.

Immigration Talk

Next week I am going to see about getting my police clearance! Wish me luck!

Until Next Time,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We're Hanging In There

Earth to Blog Readers, Earth to Blog Readers!

Anyone out there? I haven't written for awhile because I don't have much to say. I'm not going to lie. Things are really tough right now. Dealing with the distance is almost too much to bare sometimes and it's a constant struggle not to say "Fuck the law" and just go. Though I know I wouldn't even make it across the border. =(

There's so much to be done in between now and then and while everything is started, everything seems so far away from being done. It's hard. It's hard to focus on the good when what you want seems so incredibly far away.

But I won't give up. I may fuss and fight and cuss and throw my hands up in dispair. But I can't give up. Because waiting for me on the other side of the border is a man who I love more than I know what to do with. This WILL happen. As God as my witness, if it's the last thing I do - this will happen.

And yes, we still need a sponsor. I've asked the only person I knew who might've been in the financial position to help out and it doesn't look like they're able/interested. =( My fate lies in the hands of a stranger for now.

I wrote this stupid poem. For Chad.

I Miss You So Much.
But I have so much hope. And Yes - hope is a good thing.

One Step Closer
I wake up in the middle of night
Wishing you were by my side
I close my eyes oh so tight
Praying the loneliness will subside

The ache is sometimes just too much
The emptiness too much to bare
How I long for your loving touch
To brush away this deep despair

But then the sun rises with a new day born
And I hear your voice on the phone
I'm one step closer to where I belong
One step closer... to being home

Until Next Time