Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy 40th Chad!

I just wanted to give a big ole' shout-out to the love of my life on his special day!

Today celebrates the day that thew most wonderful man came into this earth... I Love You, Chad - with my whole heart. Everything I am, and will be. You're my knight in shinning armour and I hope you realize just how much you are adored, appreciated and cherished.

Happy Birthday My Love!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Love Being Married!

I Seriously Love My Husband

Like seriously. Chad arrived safely Wednesday evening and is currently en route back to Nashville. While we didn't leave the house much, we had an amazing weekend.

I've never felt so incredibly close and connected to someone. Just when I think I couldn't possibly love him more, he holds me tight and I just melt further in love with him.

I'll give a more detailed update later but for now, I just wanted to share with our readers how full my heart is and how much hope I have for the future.

In short, our time was spent cuddling, singing, our first "date" kinda thing to the movies (hehe, seen Harry Potter), a "Meet The Cavitt's" with our Canadian family, me attempting to feed him and failing miserably and lots and lots of.... LAUGHTER! (pervs)

I Love You Chad... And Miss you terribly.
Have a Safe Flight my Love - and - when you read this? Welcome Home!

Until Next Time,

Monday, November 22, 2010


Duex. 两. Dwa. Två. Dos. Due. Dois. Zwei. 두. दो. 2.

Get the picture? TWO DAYS! I'm so absolutely stoked I can't even function without giggling like a little school girl. It's going to be such a short visit but I plan to forgo sleep so it will feel more like 5 days than 3. Ha!

I LoOoOoOoOve My Husband!!! Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship knows how tough being apart is. It's more than just being reunited with my husband, it's also my best friend. I just miss him. That raw, real, brings tears to my eyes - miss him.

Two Days.
Until Then! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Friday, November 19, 2010

One Hand Count Down!

Next Week This Time...

I can't tell you how many times that sentence has cross my mind or left our mouths. "Next time this week I will be driving to the airport." "Next time this week we will be waking up to one another" HeHeHe!

My biggest hope, besides Chad arriving safely and having a good flight, is that we get some decent weather. Chad and I have some plans and while most of them involve indoor activities, we do have an outside adventure or two. One thing we're hoping to do is check out the new Harry Potter film! I am so so so excited to see this movie. Chad just best keep his hands to himself ;) Or not.

Chad's been busy lately working, cleaning, moving and shootin' Bambi down. Yep, you read it here first. Boys have such weird hobbies. I've been spending some time day dreaming and decorating our new home in my mind.

This is our bedroom. It has yellow walls and black baseboards and trim. Rather than paint it, I thought it might be kind of funky to have a yellow, black and white decor. I also wanted to disguise the uneven windows to make them look unified!

Now this one is the living room. The walls currently have this atrocious red vinyl paper on the walls. Directly beneath that are wood panels. Thankfully I married a super handy man who is also a professional painter. He'll be replacing the vinyl paper with wall board and painting it. This particular picture has some of my actual furniture. The ottoman and the chair in the corner are cropped from photos of my current house. I realize none of our rooms will likely every end up looking like, or laid out like this - but - it's fun to imagine. It makes me feel more connected to the whole experience. This is still a work in progress!

K, that's all for now!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eight Days! Eight Ways!

Not To Wish My Life Away

But c'mon time - hurry up !!! We are down to single digits and happily awaiting our reunion! I just found out that my mortgage payment is going up a ridiculous amount and I just want to be with Chad more than ever. I want to sell this house and leave this life behind so I can start the one I was destined for - with Chad...

I am so excited about moving there and making our new house a home together! It's an old farm house and definitely needs work but has so much charm. Chad's already done some work on the floors in the kids room and the laundry room. Here is the fireplace in our bedroom. We'll be painting the walls likely and cleaning up the brick but how romantic to have this in your bedroom eh!?

I'm already decorating everything in my mind, much to Chad's dismay. "Honey, can you go stand "here" and get a photo of this for me" ... "Oh honey, what if we do this over here, what do you think?" haha!

He's patient, God love him. And does so much to make me feel a part of this entire process, even if I am a million miles away. I love him so much and cannot wait until NEXT WEEK when I get to see him again!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lest We Forget

Thanks To All Past and Present Soldiers

I just wanted to take a moment to send a thank-you to the men and women who have and do serve for their country - especially those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Thank-You.

<== That's Chad over there in the photo. He looks good in uniform, doesn't he? hehe. I am so incredibly proud to be married to a man who not only understands the price of war and tragedy - but who has lived through it.

Thank-You Chad... I Love You.

Until Next Time,

Monday, November 8, 2010

This Feels Weird - But You Asked...

Prays for Non-Tackiness!

So, here's the deal. I'll be straight up. I feel absolutely ridiculous posting this because I don't want it to come across the wrong way. Due to the nature of our relationship and how we met - Chad and I have a lot of virtual friends. Some of which we were fortunate to meet, some we'll meet in the future. A few of these friends have mentioned wanting to give Chad and I wedding gifts.

On another occassion, something happened that truly touched Chad and I. After reading our blog, a friend from across the pond sent me a message on Facebook. The message contained the sweetest well wishes and a genuine understanding of not only how heart wrenchingly difficult being apart is, but also how financial limitations puts a strict barrier on 'togetherness'. The compassion was enough to bring a tear to mind, nevermind her desire to help us out.

A Touching Moment

I mean, obviously I feel weird entertaining the idea of people 'helping' as there are folks far worse off in this world than I am ... but more than that, I was so incredibly moved that someone I had never met, would be so thoughtful and caring as to extend their heart like that to us. To that special person, seriously... thank you so much for just being THAT kind.

The Button

So - I put up the donation button thing there for PayPal. It's off in the upper left hand side. I don't know the appropriate way to even handle this or tell people about it. Ha. I'm twenty shades of red. Seriously.

If any of our friends out there wanted to do this... whether it be 10 cents or 10 dollars - I just want you to know how incredibly kind I think you are. To even WANT to do. No one ever has to gift us a cent, but if you do ... the option is there. I'll thank you on this blog or keep it private if you prefer.

But to those people out there, and you know who you are, that wanted to do this. It's really special ... so Thank-You...

Until Next Time,

Sunday, November 7, 2010

17 Days Too Many...

The Woes Of Long Distance Love

The countdown continues as we're at 17 days until we're reunited. I have to admit though - today is a tough one. I'm feeling pretty down and it's because of days like this, I hate the distance. Not being able to see him in 3-D form, touch him, smell him, feel his closeness. It's so difficult =(

So unbelievably difficult.

I just need to keep reminding myself, that it will all be over before too too long and well worth the wait. I Love You, Chad.

Until Then,

Friday, November 5, 2010

13 Big Ones!

Happiest of Birthday's for Haven!

November 3rd marked the day that Chad's youngest daughter turned 13 years old! Her actual birthday consisted of gifts, pizza, cake and family! Chad was even sweet enough to set-up the web cam and stuff so I could watch from afar. It's really difficult not being able to be around for these things, but he's so thoughtful and always tries to include me. I'm seriously so lucky.

So, if her birthday was Wednesday - why post about it now? Mostly because I want to let everyone know that Chad is oh-so-lucky to be spending the night surrounded by giggly, loud and hormone induced teenage girls! ha ha ha ha ha!

Haven is having some friends over for pizza, cake, movies, snacks and root beer floats! Maybe even a bonfire if the weather permits =) I honestly wish I could be there but I'll enjoy seeing Chad get flustered and aggravated all night. HA HA! Love you, husband!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Remember, that no matter what happens I never love you any less. I only grow to love you more.

We grow we learn we change we compromise, we laugh we cry we fight and we make up we have sex and we make love; we figure things out and we mess things up, we understand we care we are friends we are lovers we are most of all married to each other......

That's the most important part of we are.


I will always be grateful that I have you in my life

I love you Shannon , It's been a great 6 months.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Immigration Update!

NOA1 Received!

"Your USCIS application/petition has been received and routed to the California Service Center for processing. "

Not that I expect any of you who haven't gone through immigration, to know what that means - but - basically it means our petition has been accepted and cheque cashed. A hard-copy of notification will be sent via snail mail and in the mean time someone will be going through our petition to see if it will be accepted. When it is *knock on wood*, the real nitty gritty work will begin.

Wish Us Luck!
Until Then,

Big Day For The Cavitt's!

Teamwork = Results!

Chad and I have always kind of shared a brain. Finishing one another's sentences, humming the same tunes, touching base at the same time kinda thing. We have just always meshed. Well yesterday marked the day that we joined forces and made our first official decision together as a married couple!

We're Moving!

Of course Chad will be moving before I get there but we're going to have a fresh start together. We've rented a three bedroom house that is actually off the same road he currently lives on. He'll still be close to his son, his daughter won't have to change schools, close to town, his work and best of all - we get to make it all our own - together!

I'll be involved remotely for the time being but I am oh so excited! The place has a bizarre layout but so much character. It's an old farmhouse located on a huge, secluded piece of land. There is only one neighbour anywhere near by. The rest are fields, forests and even a natural spring =)

Best part? We're five minutes from town! Our own private oasis that is a hop, skip and a jump away from everything we need.

I've been browsing the net for the past couple weeks, not really looking but keeping an eye out. We were quite restricted to possibilities because there wasn't a lot available that fit our criteria so when I came across the ad yesterday online - it seemed almost too good to be true. I contacted the woman who placed the add, we exchanged some emails, Chad called the Owner of the house - one more thing led to another thing and Chad sent in the deposit today!

Needless to say, it's going to be a very busy month for Chad because we take possession on December 1st. He has to pack his current house up, finish the repairs he was making, clean-up the joint, visit me in Canada and then skedaddle his cute little behind back to Kentucky to move ship!

But how exciting?!?! The photos posted here aren't great shots as the current tenants are in the midst of mov ing. Some are from Chad's phone and others are from one of the tenants when THEY moved in.

But yeah - My husband and I joined forces yesterday. Made a big decision and we're both incredibly excited to start our lives together! With Chad's handiness, my decorative touch and a little bit of love - we're going to make this a beautiful HOME.

I just wish I could be more a part of it. Though knowing Chad, he'll stop at no ends to ensure I am included. Oh, and our bedroom? Has a fireplace! Wee!

He's Good Like That!
Until Next Time