Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello Interview!!!

Nice To See You!

August 8, 2011 at 8:00 AM!

That's all I have to say about that!!!!!!!!!


Thank-You GOD! Now please, pray, hope, send good vibes that everything goes well. *knock knock knock on wood*

Until Next Time!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Interview? Where Are You?

Life Is Busy, Busy, Busy!

I am just pluggin' away at life and it's definitely passing by quickly. Which is good and bad. Good because hopefully *knock on wood* it means I'll be re-united with my husband in no time at all!

But also scarey because my house STILL hasn't sold and I've a lot to do between now and moving to the USA.

Namely - an interview! Eeek! Still haven't heard about an interview date but it's to be expected. I don't want to hound the NVC so if I don't hear by mid-week, I'll probably give a call on Wednesday as Friday is a Holiday here in good ole' Can-Na-Da.

Speaking of house selling. Ugh. The market apparently isn't doing so great. I know a girl who has had her house on the market about as long as I have and hasn't had any success either. Mind you, she's had less than ten showings. Mine have definitely slowed down but I still get 1 or 2 a week. It's just such a pain in the buttocks. Seriously. And they're always late. Always.

Why do reatlors think it is okay to book a showing for an entire hour and only ever take, max 15-20 minutes? Who made up these schedules? Think of the home-owner. I know, I know. We're trying to sell, we have to make sacrifices, blah. I was much nicer about it 30 shows ago. Now it's just annoying. ha!

Chad's doing well. As well as can be expected. He's been going to the chiropractor to try and get his neck/back/body sorted out. For such a young sexy man, he's all out of alignment. Other than that, he's keeping busy working, doing work around the yard/house raising a couple of kids.

For Father's day I bought him a new tool set and drill. Can I tell you that buying tools - something I know nothing about - was an entirely stressful experience? Never again. (Yeah right) but I think he liked what I ended up getting. Well he should he picked half of it out! HAHA! It got to the point where I said, "Okay you know what - You pick one of these because I seriously don't know"!

Me? Just wrapped up in two jobs. The last couple months I was training/editing new people at my Reporter job. There was originally a plan to change the way we report on that. As a result, I was busting my hiney doing all that AND increasing my output for my bosses. All for naught, as we're reverting back to status quo for the moment. But I am still trying hard to get my bonus so the days are just very very full.

My Karaoke gig, I love as per usual. It's just a lot and constant, constant, constant. It never ends. I really look forward to the day when I get to do it full-time. I'll really be able to bang out the work and not feel guilty if I need to step away to do the whole 'life' thing for a couple of hours.

Other than work, I spend every Saturday at my brother's with my Dad. Jason is doing well. Slowly but surely getting back on the mend.

I've rambled long enough. Life is good. Stressful. But Good!

Until next time!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hoping For August!

Knock On Some Woof For Me Please!

I called the NVC on Friday and all the interview dates for July have been filled. So now, I am hoping, wishing and praying for August. The earlier in August the better! I have a friend who is about a week or so ahead of me and she didn't get in, in July either - so I've no clue how long the line is.

Right now, I am just stressed out. I feel like I've been stressed out for the past 8 months. ha! I need a vacation. This weekend I went to my brother's for Father's Day and we all went to a Chinese buffet. Sunday was spent hiding from the rain, relaxing and working!

It was also, Father's Day! My darling husband got a new Cordless Drill and Tool set! Hope he enjoy it...

I really don't have much to report. Just keeping busy and trying to maintain my head above water!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I Got Poked!

....By a couple of needles. You know, one thing is for certain - nothing about this process is easy or without a headache. I guess that's why it's called a 'process' eh? I have no record of what vaccinations I have received as a youth. I tried calling my family doctor and he is out on vacation until June 29th. Figures. ha!

I went to the doctor today and got vaccinated for a couple of things. The others, he didn't feel comfortable doing - so he's ordered blood tests to determine if I am immune. Three others he doesn't know what to do about, as in his opinion, all Canadian's are vaccinated for as a youth and he isn't comfortable giving me a shot without knowing my history. They are; Polio, Pneumococcal and Meningococcal. Yep, Meningococcal. For those of you who know what just happened to my brother - you'll understand the irony in that.

I have an appointment on Saturday at 9:45 AM to get my blood work done at a private clinic in the Atlantic Superstore. It cost $13 but apparently the only OTHER place I can get the tests done (for free) are at Dartmouth General and I spent enough time there last month for my brother, to last a life-time. I also hope to get the additional 3 passport photos that I require for the medical done at that time too. Here's Hoping!

So - Once I find out if I am immune to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella, I'll determine my next course of action for those. Either, go pick-up the results to use as proof of vaccination - or get the shots administered.

Remaining on the list are Hepatitis A & B. I am going to first confirm that these are in fact required, before proceeding. I have a prescription waiting for me at the clinic for these. It'll be a 3-part procedure over the span of 6 months (Guess I'd finish it in the USA?). Each prescription cost $35, each needle administered cost $20, not to mention the actual cost of the drug. I'm not entirely sure if it would be covered by my medical plan at work or not. I read somewhere in the midst of my research that Hep A&B vaccinations may not be required for everyone, so I want to confirm before going through that rig-a-marole.

As for the other 3 I mentioned earlier. I have no choice at the moment expect to wait until Dr. Kydd returns from vacation to see if he has anything on record. I am going to call NS Public Health tomorrow to see if they have any recommendations.

It's okay USA - Give me another hoop! My husband is worth it =) I'll just keep jumping away!

Oh! I got Patche's rabbies vaccination record too! So she's ready to go!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Going To Get Poked!

Doctor, Here I Come!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and while I am there, I'm going to bring my list of required vaccinations and get those started. They may have some on site, and may have to order others. I'm also going to stop by the vet and pick-up Patche's rabbie's vaccination certificate. I got her other vaccination certificate on Saturday - so at least one of us is ready to go! lol

Good news is the best diet ever. I feel like I just lost 100 lbs.




Dear Sir/Madam:

All documentation necessary to complete the National Visa Center's processing of your case has been received. As soon as an interview date has been scheduled, the applicant, petitioner and attorney (if applicable) will be notified.

The applicant should NOT make any travel arrangements, sell property, or give up employment until the US Embassy or Consulate General has issued a visa.

The US Embassy or Consulate General may require additional documentation at the time of the interview.


NVC Document Review Team
National Visa Center
Serco Inc., Support Contractor


The day has arrived!!! This means I now sit patiently and await an interview date! Once I get that, I make all necessary preparations. Compile all documents, go for an interview and HOPEFULLY get approved for entry into the USA with my greencard!



Quick Update: I got nervous (as usual) that I was mis-understanding what this meant, so I just got off the phone with the NVC! My case, is in fact, complete! There is nothing else I need to do other than wait for an interview date (and of course prepare for the interview)!!!

He said they do scheduling for interviews during the second week of the month, so it's unlikely I will get a July interview. So my interview may take until Mid-July to get scheduled but hopefully it will be for some time in August! (No later, Please God)


Resume celebrations!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Updating Just Because

Nothing To Report

Unfortunately, there's still no news but I thought I would post an update regardless. Still trying to sell my house, still trying to get into the USA.

I feel like I need a vacation. Friday night I went for drinks with a friend to Halifax and then I spent Saturday afternoon over at my brother's. Jason is doing well but still feeling very tired. It'll be a long recovery for him to get back to normal but hopefully with his determination, it will go smoothly. *knock on wood*

That's my niece Rylyn over there on the side. She is the most adorable thing ever. It's really nice to spend time with my family on the weekends, since we know our time together is limited. My Dad's interview is July 27th. No clue when, (if I ever get one) mine will be. My biggest hope right now is to be there by our first Wedding Anniversary.

Time to get back to work, wish I had more good news to report.

Until Next Time,