Friday, October 25, 2013

I know, I suck.

I think I either need a more interesting life - or a more interesting theme/hobby to write about because coming back here frequently - or more frequently just doesn't seem to happen. I read some blogs that my friends write and they're really interesting - how do I become interesting?

Life has been swell lately *knock on wood*. Sure we've have some moments of ... displeasure but for the most part I would say I am happy. *Gasp* I know I totally just fucking jinxed myself but I DID knock on wood. Even if it's only pressed particle board - it counts right?

The knocking on wood thing began for me in University. I was President of the Athletic Council for Bethune College at York University. We were days away from winning "The Torch" which is like the Stanley Cup for intramurals at the University. So everytime I or someone around me mentioned winning, we knocked on wood. Some folks did so ... reluctantly, but they valued their life and didn't want to piss me off.

By the way? We won The Torch :D

Memorable moments since July?

Went Camping

Site Seeing

 Went Swimming

Spent Time With Family

Had a Birthday

Got Crafty

And more Crafty

Went to Tennessee 

Stayed In A Fancy Cabin With A Private Pool

Went to A Wedding

Met Donald Trump (Okay, Not Really)

Um. Watched My Husband Have A Three-Some With Wax Figurines

Healed Old Wounds

 Went To A Haunted House

Until Next Time...