Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life On The Home Front

Healthy-wise, Chad has been okay. *knock on wood*. He's had a few days where he's been less than wonderful but he's functioning. The good news is he finally has medical coverage of some sort under the VA - so that is a definite plus. He has a meeting in about a month with the doctor to hopefully get a physical and begin some sort of determination as to what could be going on with him.

Financially, times are difficult. Medical bills we can't pay, a $600 Immigration bill to pay and just life in general gives me no option other than to try and push the stress out of my mind. I just need to keep hoping that there is light at the end of the tunnel and everything will work out.

Work is super busy right now and it's back to school time in a week and a half! Woo-Hoo! Only stressful thing is coming up with the money to Furnish the kids with new clothes and supplies. Sigh. It never ends! :D

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